DENNERLE Nano Cube ® Aquarium Design Contest 2012

DENNERLE: Art in cube

We have the results of the Second Open Russian DENNERLE Nano Cube ® Aquarium Design Contest 2012. The organizers, judges and participants agreed that the level of the works is higher, interest in the competition among the public is becoming widespread.
The organizer was Unitex group of companies, the exclusive distributor of JBL GmbH & Co. KG and DENNERLE GmbH products in Russia. The general sponsor was DENNERLE GmbH (Germany), the manufacturer of the equipment and products for care of planted aquariums.
Quality test
The works for the quality test were accepted till September 30, 2012. At this stage 33 participants took part in the Contest. 31 work were sent by the aquarists from twelve regions of Russia, from Sochi to St. Petersburg, from Tula to Komsomolsk-on-Amur, two more works were sent from Ukrain. The number of works from the regions allowes us to establish the fact of the formation of Russian aquarium design centers: six participants were both from St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk, five participants were from Moscow, and four ones from Moscow Oblast.
According to the rules of the Contest, for the quality test every participant should send photos of freshwater planted DENNERLE Nano Cube of any volume (10 L, 20 L, 30 L and 60 L) equipped with Dennerle Nano Light and Dennerle Nano Filter, Nano Filter XL or Dennerle External Skim Filter.
The winners of the quality test were determined by the sum of rates given by competent judges and Internet users. The works were estimated by the general appearance, creativity, fishes and plants condition and aquascape. Resulting rates allowed to identify ten winners of the quality test, all of them were invited to the final.
November 15-17 during the Days of High Aquaristic in the Darwin Museum in Moscow there was the final of DENNERLE Nano Cube ® Aquarium Design Contest 2012. Travel of nonresident participants to the final and back, their accommodation were paid by the general sponsor of the Contest DENNERLE GmbH.
November 15-16 the participants set up their Nano Cubes. Each finalist had got from the organizer DENNERLE Nano Cube Complete Set, which includes a 20-liter aquarium, DENNERLE Nano Light, Dennerle Nano Filter, food and water conditioners. In addition they got stones, driftwood, gravel, DENNERLE plants, water and DENNERLE Aquascaping-Set. Regardless of the places in the final the contestants got aquarium, equipment, plants and decorations that were used during setting up the composition as a gift from the organizers and sponsors Unitex group of companies and DENNERLE.
November 17 the Contest entries were evaluated:
1st place + prize for creativity from Heiko Bleher
Way to the Silence, Olga Uzhegova, Naberezhnye Chelny
  • Certificate for 1230 EUR
  • NanoCube ® set up in the final
  • DISCUSBOOK 02 by Heiko Bleher for creativity
2nd place + personal 1st place from Heiko Bleher
Duck Hunt, Sergey Bautin, St. Petersburg
  • Certificate for 740 EUR
  • NanoCube ® set up in the final
  • Bleher Discus 2 by Heiko Bleher for personal 1st place
3rd place
Frost, Vera Gladyshenko, St. Petersburg
  • Certificate for 490 EUR
  • NanoCube ® set up in the final
4th place
Mountain River, Sergei Shaliapin, Krasnoyarsk
  • NanoCube ® set up in the final
5th place
Secrets of the Forest, Eugenia Moiseeva, Moscow
  • NanoCube ® set up in the final
6th place
Harmony of Nature, Alexander Savushkin, Tula
  • NanoCube ® set up in the final
7th place + prize for originality from Heiko Bleher
...and where are the bears? Yuri Khristenko, Armavir
  • NanoCube ® set up in the final
  • DISCUSBOOK 02 by Heiko Bleher for originality
8th place
Rocky River Bed, Dmitry Zhavkin, Moscow
  • NanoCube ® set up in the final
9th place + People's Choice
Tree of Hobbits' Knowledge, Eugene Lukyanchikov, Novosibirsk
  • Certificate for 245 EUR
  • NanoCube ® set up in the final
10th place
Katun River, Alexander Maletin, Berdsk
  • NanoCube ® set up in the final
The work of the finalists was watched by the outstanding researcher and explorer Heiko Bleher, who discovered more than four thousand species of fishes and plants. The guest of honor set up special prizes. For his favourite work Duck Hunt by Sergei Bautin he gave his famous book Blehers Discus (Volume 2), for originality he chose ...and where are the bears? by Yuri Khristenko, and for creativity - Way to the Silence by Olga Uzhegova. Both got DISCUSBOOK 2 by Heiko Bleher.
"I have a very positive impression of the Contest, - said Olga Uzhegova from Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, who won the first place, - I see the most serious development of aquarium art in Russia, and the level of organization of the Contest".
Olga, who participated in DENNERLE Nano Cube ® Contest for the second time, added that earlier aquarium design was her hobby, but now after winning the Contest she plans to make it her profession.
All finalists participated in workshops and master classes during the Days of High Aquaristic, and have been invited to the ROAPLC 2012 awarding ceremony and to a gala dinner.
Stefan Walter, director of special projects of DENNERLE, summing up the Contest, said: "Again Dennerle together with its importer in Russia and Ukraine UNITEX carried out a nano plant layout contest this time using in part Dennerle plants as well. DENNERLE thanks the organiser and the DARWIN MUSEUM for the opportunity to carry out the contest. Again quite a number of wonderful aquascapes were created showing new aspects and again prooving that Nano continues to live and grow".
We invite all aquarists - amateurs and professionals - to take part in the third Contest, which will take place next year. Participation in the Contest is a chance to show your skills, to hear a competent opinion about your work, to communicate with interesting people, talented, experienced aquascapers. Information about participation in the Contest and deadlines for accepting entries you can find on the website of Unitex group of companies.
More photos from the event can be found here.
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