The Contest will take place in two stages. Quality test via Internet (July 1 - September 30, 2013)  and the final of the Contest (date and place of final will be revealed later).
Quality test
1. Anybody can be a member of the quality test, rules are the same for everyone, regardless of nationality, ethnicity and place of residence.
2. Participant of the quality test should fill an application form before September 30, 2013. The form should contain frontal photo of an aquarium for the Contest. The photo must show the overall dimensions of the aquarium including lights. Cropping photos before publication on the website will be done by the organizing committee.
3. We accept photos of freshwater planted aquariums DENNERLE Nano Cube® 10, 20, 30 and 60 litres. The aquarium setup should contain DENNERLE light(s) and filter.
4. Aquarium shown on pictures should belong to the contestant and should be set up by the contestant. To confirm the authorship the contestant should upload to the application form a photo with the author next to the setup aquarium. This picture is only for the organizing committee and will not be published on the Contest website.
5. Participants in the quality test may submit three additional photos of the aquarium, for example, from the side, aquarium in the interior or inhabitants of the aquarium. There should be not more than 3 additional photos.
6. We accept only photos taken using digital camera with a resolution of at least 5 megapixels as JPEG. The size of the file should be not more than 2 megabytes. Blurry, fuzzy pictures and photos with clearly visible defects will not be accepted.
7. Using image editors is not allowed. Only the size of the file can be altered to be not more than 2 megabytes. If members of the organizing committee or members of the jury suspect using editing techniques, the contestant will be disqualified immediately. Asking Internet users and members of the jury to vote for a certain aquarium is not allowed. The results will be carefully analyzed. The results of the jury and Internet users voting are open and will be published after the quality test.
8. Every participant should submit photos of only one aquarium. All photos will be numbered and given to the members of jury without naming authors. The results of the jury and Internet users voting are open and will be published after the quality test.
9. Since October 1 till October 8 members of the jury and Internet users will vote. All photos will be numbered and shown without naming authors. The maximum score members of the jury can give is 100 points. The maximum score Internet users can give is 100 points. The final score will be determined summing up score given by 10 judges and by all Internet users.
10. The participants who takes places from 1st to 10th go to final. The participants from the other cities or countries selected for the final will be paid accommodation and 200 EUR for travel expenses.
Good luck!