Days of High Aquaristic in Darwin Museum

From 15th till 17th November 2012 there were Days of High Aquaristic in the Darwin Museum in Moscow. For three days in the halls of one of the oldest zoological museums in our country there were seminars, aquarium design contests and master classes by leading aquascapers from Russia and neighboring countries.

The event was organized by the Unitex group of companies, the exclusive distributor of JBL GmbH & Co. KG and DENNERLE GmbH products in Russia.

These days there were final of DENNERLE Nano Cube ® Contest 2012, the awarding ceremony of the Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2012, master classes on aquarium design "JBL Learning how to create" and on photographing aquariums, Nano Cube design contest for visitors, seminars on tropical biotopes, keeping discus, marine aquariums, aquascape, products of DENNERLE, JBL and ADA.

Aquarists, professional aquarium designers, including Gregory Polishchuk, Vladimir Uzhik, Dmitry Parshin, Stanislav Yurchenko, Konstantin Kucherenko; representatives of sponsors and organizers Kirill Markevich (Unitex), Stefan Walter (DENNERLE), Heiko Blessin (JBL), Rodolphe Ruelle (JBL), Alexander Tarasenko (ALEXANDER Aqua Design Studio) took part in the activities. Special attention was attracted to such guests as the famous naturalist Heiko Bleher and the legend of Russian aquaristic Sergei Kochetov.
During 3 days there were 11 seminars held
Amateur and professional hobbyists showed huge interest in the seminars on tropical biotopes and keeping discus, held by Heiko Bleher, an outstanding researcher and traveler. Having spent half of his life in tropical jungle, Mr. Bleher discovered more than four thousand species of fishes and plants, including most varieties of discus, Firehead Tetra (Hemigrammus bleheri), Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia praecox), Altum Angel (Pterophyllum altum), and Australian Freshwater Sawfish (Pristis leichhardti).
Everybody could know secrets of the marine aquarium at the seminar by Stanislav Yurchenko, a famous diver and aquarium designer. How to photograph an aquarium was told by an aquascaper, a permanent member of the prestigious aquascaping contest IAPLC Konstantin Kucherenko.
The proper organization of space, aquascaping philosophy, creativity and development of this art were the subjects of the seminars by Ukrainian biologist, aquarium designer, founder and CEO of "Graceful Aquaristic Sludio of Vladimir Uzhik and Olga Baranovskaya" Vladimir Uzhik. The aquascapers who shared secrets of artistic skill during their workshops were Konstantin Zorkin and Olga Baranovskaya.
Visitors learned how to use products of DENNERLE correctly during the seminars by the representative of the company Stefan Walter, and the marketing expert of the company, the aquarist-traveler with forty years of experience Heiko Blessin told about the use of JBL products. How to achieve great results using ADA products (Aqua Design Amano) was the subject of the talk by the head of the Neomarin company Alexander Tarasenko.
Master class on aquarium design "JBL Learning how to create"
During the master classes on setting up aquariums famous aquascapers shared their knowledge and experience. Gregory Polishchuk from Ukraine decorated an aquarium using stones. Russian designer Dmitry Parshin used rocks and driftwood. Pavel Bautin used only driftwood. After the demonstration of their skill, well-known designers invited visitors to try hand in designing aquariums. Six members of the master class, chosen by lottery, set up aquariums of three styles.
Prizes were JBL equipment: quiet air pump JBL ProSilent a300; system for changing water in aquarium JBL Aqua In-Out; external filters JBL CristalProfi e701 greenline, e901 greenline and e1501 greenline. The prize for the winner, Anastasia Melnikova from St. Petersburg, was the aquarium of 140 l, provided by Aquatech, and all JBL equipment, used during setting up.
Final of DENNERLE Nano Cube ® Contest 2012
There were 10 participants in the final. All costs for travel and accommodation were paid by the Contest organizer, Unitex group of companies. The prize pool was 2700 EUR. The winner was Olga Uzhegova from Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, with the aquascape Way Into the Silence. Second place went to Sergei Bautin, St. Petersburg with the aquascape Duck Hunt. Third place went to Vera Gladyshenko, St. Petersburg, who named her aquascape Frost. People Choice award went to Eugene Lukyanchikov from Novosibirsk with the aquascape Hobbits' Tree of Knowledge.
All finalists received Nano Cubes set up during the final and the winners also got gift certificates for purchasing DENNERLE products for 1 225, 735, 490 and 245 EUR for the first, second, and third place in the Contest and as the People's Choice prize.
Heiko Bleher established a special prize for his personal 1st place given to Sergei Bautin, and also for originality and creativity to Yuri Khristenko and Olga Uzhegova. At the end of his visit to Russia, the famous naturalist and explorer Heiko Bleher noted: “Unitex company has done a great job of promoting aquaristic in Russia, and believe me, these are not just words, I can compare as I travel a lot and see how this process goes in the world. And yet, very well, – he said, – that in the Contest organized by Unitex attention was paid to biotope aquariums, because there are the most suitable conditions for fish in there”.
Lottery with prizes from JBL and DENNERLE
At the end of the first day of the event the lottery for visitors was held with great prizes from DENNERLE including fertilizers set for aquatic plants, DENNERLE Nano Cube ® 30 Complete PLUS set and many more.
The second day ended with the lottery with JBL prizes including food, external filter CristalProfi e901 greenline and many more.
Awarding ceremony of the Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2012
The ending of Days of High Aquaristic was the awarding ceremony of the Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2012 (ROAPLC 2012). The winner of ROAPLC 2012 was Yeo Siak Wee from Malaysia with the aquascape Gratefulness. Because of visa problems the winner could not arrive in time for the awarding ceremony, but a member of the Embassy of Malaysia, who took the diploma and prizes to give them to the winner, declared that to the next contest the visa regime between Russia and Malaysia will be canceled. The second place went to Diego Marinelli, Italia, with the aquascape One Too Many Morning. The third was Dmitry Parshin, Russia, with the aquascape A Whole New World. The fourth winner was Gregory Polishchuk, Ukraine, with the aquascape After the Rain. All the winners received prize money and gifts.
Contest sponsors have established their own nomination and gifts to the authors of the most impressive aquascapes.
Heiko Blessin, a representative of the general sponsor JBL GmbH & CO.KG, gave CO2-system for aquariums from 300 to 1000 l ProFlora m1003 to Yeo Siak Wee from Malaysia.
Stefan Walter, representing DENNERLE GmbH, also chose Yeo Siak Wee for winning the prize – DENNERLE Nano Cube ® 30 Complete PLUS+.
Kirill Markevich, head of the General sponsor of the contest Unitex group of companies, gave to Diego Marinelli collection albums with beautiful views of St. Petersburg.
The prize for the special nomination Nature Aquarium from Neomarin (Russia) and Aqua Design Amano (Japan) went to Gregory Polishchuk, Ukraine. This prize was the new NAGoods light – Grand Solar I. Gregory received a special prize from the sponsor of the contest online shop AQAmix – ADA Pro Scissors M 310 mm.
The visitors of the online magazine AquaJournal.RU chose Dmitry Parshin as a special prize winner. The prize was a professional tool for trimming moss from ADA Pro-Scissors Spring of a limited anniversary series, released in honor of the 20th anniversary of ADA.
Photos from Days of High Aquaristic you can find here.
Organizers and sponsors of Days of High Aquaristic