Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2013. Final

Let us present to you the final results of JBL biotope aquarium design contest 2013, which was held November 20-23 in St. Petersburg, at ZooSphere 2013 exhibition.
Congratulations to the finalists with a high level of entries! We wish you good luck in the following contests.

Contest 2014

1st place
Petra Bašić (Sveta Nedelja, Croatia)
Eurasia. Western Ghats - Chalakkudy river
Prize: Certificate for 650 Euro

Petra's comment about the contest: This being my first time ever on any aquaristic competition I was amazed and overwhelmed by everything that was going on in the show area; from the perfect organization to the great amount of people who are into biotope design, and who were willing to share their knowledge and experience. Since aquaristic hobby is not yet that developed in Croatia, and some things are still a bit „far away“, I was astounded that with my knowledge I was good enough to even get the chance to participate in this competition, and thrown off my feet when I actually won. I still can't believe it. When I was thinking about the part of the nature I would like to sqeeze in an 180l tank, a detail of Chalakkudy river seemed as a good choice since I didn't only want to show the beauty and diversity of the underwater paradise it is but also to warn that it could all be lost soon due to the pollution of the river.
2nd place
Anastasia Melnikova (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
North America. Ichetucknee springs, Florida
Prize: certificate for 550 Euro

Anastasia's comment about the contest: This contest is my favorite from all contests I know! And when I was just an observer, and even more now when I became a participant. It is favorite because it is the most difficult. Like a multisport race: at each stage you can make a fatal mistake. Biotope contest is also difficult for the organizers: it is a relatively new direction, there is a lot of shades and features. But the result of mutual efforts every year becomes more and more obvious, the contest has gained international status, and many aquarists already think of not just a beautiful aquarium, but of a beautiful piece of the underwater world where their pets feel at home, as in a native tributary of the Rio Negro.
3rd place
Evgenia Moiseyeva (Moscow, Russia)
South America. Guyana, coastal area of Essequibo river, Rockstone
Prize: certificate for 450 Euro

Evgenia's comment about the contest: It was a very difficult contest, but surprisingly interesting and exciting! When collecting materials for the selected biotope I faced a problem where to get them, because there is very little information in books and on the pages of the Internet: small articles, researches, people's stories about their own experiences, photos. But the collecting of information turned out to be strongly addictive! I wanted to learn more and more about places and to try taking all this beauty under the water in an aquarium to create comfortable living conditions for fishes in it, and to show how beautiful such an aquarium can be, not worse than aquascape. I would like to thank contest organizers for their willingness to promote this trend. Every year the number of entries grows, the contest becomes more widespread, goes abroad. This is great! Thanks to judges! This year I noticed how difficult it was to evaluate the entries, and it says only that the level of the contest goes higher and higher. Special thanks to everyone for orgaizing the final during the exhibition, providing a great material for set up, plants of high quality and beautiful fishes! I also would like to thank the guests for their support during the exhibition, for their genuine interest in setting up biotope aquariums, for their assistance. And good luck to the future participants in this exciting and challenging contest, in creating beautiful biotope aquariums without mistakes. Spend time gathering information! Try to set up an aquarium using aquascaping techniques to create perspective, do not forget about simple rules of composition. The aquarium should look well-groomed and aesthetical, to feel your love for each branch, leaf, detail! In this case your work and effort will be highly evaluated by the members of the jury and the audience.

4th place 
Vera Gladyshenko (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Africa. Malebo pool (above Kintele), coastal area
Prize: certificate for 350 Euro

Vera's comment about the contest: The biotope contest is a real gem of all such contests. It is original, useful and encourages interest of not only the participants but also the audience. Bringing to life the final five aquariums it continues the tradition: teaches the viewer how to keep fishes logically and correctly. Fishes need their nature environment to be simulated. This year we seemed to be prepared remembering all the mistakes of the past. And despite some little defects we created! This process makes us unite, and now we can say that we got new friends, went to the next level and move on the new road, because in front of us there are so many interesting things, so much can be done by applying the invaluable knowledge and experience gained in the biotope contest! Thank you!

5th place + Audience Award Prize
Nikolay Muzhichuk (Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine)
Australia & Oceania. Stream at the beginning of Sepik River
Prize: certificate for 250 Euro + 150 Euro (Audience Award Prize)
Nikolay's comment about the contest: The high level of organization shocked even Ukrainian aquarists spoiled by many contests! I can only dream that in Ukraine there will be such companies and aquaristic fans who can raise biotope direction to a decent level, and with their help aquaristic in our country will develop as quickly and comprehensively as the contest organizers showed here. From the old skeptic with aquascaper's point of view during few days of the contest I turned into an ardent admirer of biotope aquariums, and I hope I can give this feeling to my countrymen, so that next year we all were able to show biotope aquariums in all their glory to the world and to reveal the fullness and vastness of this aquaristic trend.


Organizers and sponsors of the contest

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Organizer of the contest

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