Set for the final of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2014

We are glad to present a list of equipment, accessories and decorations that will be provided to the finalists of the contest. All materials used (except for the aquarium with cabinet) will be given as a gift to the finalists of the contest. Fish and plants will be chosen individually with each participant.

Aquatlantis AMBIANCE 101

  • Aquarium volume: 180 l
  • Aquarium dimensions: 101х41х50 cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 100,7х40,4х70 cm
  • Light: Т5 2х45W

External filter JBL CristalProfi e901 greenline

  • Size: 180 x 210 x 405 mm. 7.6 l filter volume for high biological filter output and little cleaning.
  • Only 11W power consumption means 27% energy savings. Extremely quiet pump with 900 l/h output.
  • Fully ready for connection incl. 12/16 hoses, tubes, suction basket, brackets, plus suction holders and filter masses.
  • 4 years warranty.
  • The filter is biologically active 1 month before the final of the contest!

Air pump JBL ProSilent a200

  • The quietest air pump for aquariums of 50-300 l.
  • Whisper quiet (< 37 dB(A)) due to special housing feet, soundproofing and weight.
  • 200 l/h air output with > 160 mbar air pressure with only 3.5 W power consumption.
  • 1 diaphragm and 1 air outlet.
  • Ready for connection with a 2 m tube, check valve and a bubble stone.
  • 4 years warranty.

Light tubes and reflectors JBL SOLAR T5, 45W

  • TROPIC - sunlight full-spectrum tube T5 for aquarium plants
  • NATURsunlight full-spectrum tube T5 for freshwater aquarium
  • COLORsunlight full-spectrum tube T5 for intensive colors in freshwater aquariums
  • MARIN DAY - daylight tube Т5 for marine aquariums 15000 К
  • MARIN BLUEspecial blue tube Т5 with actinic spectrum for marine aquariums
  • OCEAN BLUEspecial blue actinic tube Т5 for marine aquariums
  • REFLECT T5+T8 - M-reflector for fluorescent tubes Т5 and Т8

Safety heater JBL ProTemp 150

  • Plastic guard protects fish such as suckermouth catfish from direct heat.
  • Comes with dry run protection (turns off automatically if the water level drops or the heater is removed from the water).
  • Fully submersible and very robust 2 mm safety glass.
  • Direct temperature selection in °C.

Natural and decorative substrates JBL


  • JBL Mangrove - natural mangrove driftwood
  • JBL Mopani Wurzelnatural mopani driftwood
  • UDeco - natural stones and driftwood
  • Other natural driftwood. About 6 kinds
  • 14 kinds of natural stones


Different JBL Food

Novo Range is 38 kinds of standard food.

Premium Range in silver is 11 kinds of premium food of high quality ingredients.

JBL Water Conditioning


JBL Filter Material

Water Tests

Fish and invertebrates

Fish and invertebrates will be provided by aquarium hypermarket "AquaInterio" for the amount of 5,000 rubles for every finalist.

Aquarium hypermarket


Plants will be provided by "Best Aquatics" company from the range of "Tropica" company for the amount of 5,000 rubles for every finalist.

Make your aquarium a success