Quality test
1. Anybody can participate in the quality test, conditions of participation are the same, regardless of nationality, ethnicity and place of residence.
2. The Contest is held in five categories: North America, South America, Africa, Eurasia, Australia & Oceania. You can take part in each category, submitting to the contest no more than five aquaria.
3. To participate in the Contest you should fill in the form for every aquarium until August 31, 2014. The form should contain frontal photo of your aquarium and three additional photos from any angle. Also you should specify the information on the chosen biotope, list of plants and fishes, and contacts of the author.
4. The aquarium provided to the vote shall be set up by the contestant himself. To confirm the authorship you should download photo of your aquarium with the A4 sheet next to it with the name of the contest "JBL Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2014" written by hand. This picture is only for the organizing committee of the Contest and will not be published on our site.
5. Photos of the aquaria should be taken specially for the Contest using digital camera with a resolution of at least 2000 pixels on the long side in a graphical format JPEG. The photo should not exceed 4 MB. Blurry, fuzzy pictures, and photos with easily distinguishable defects will not be accepted.
6. Editing and cloning is prohibited! If members of the organizing committee or members of the jury suspect the use of editing techniques, contestant will be disqualified immediately. Correction of colour and white balance can be made to compensate deficiencies of your photo.
7. We accept entries until August 31, 2014. If after 2 days you have not received confirmation of acceptance from the organizers of the Contest, please contact by e-mail [email protected]. September 1 to 4 the entries will be processed, as well as top 100 entries will be pre-selected.
8. September 5 to 25 members of the jury will vote. All photos will be numbered and presented to the jury without names of their authors. Rating of aquaria will be held using special criteria and guidelines. The maximum points given by one member of the jury is 100 points. The final points in the ranking of each of the five categories will be determined by the total points of all members of the jury.
1. Participant who took the 1st place in one of the five categories will go to the finals. If a participant took the 1st place in several categories, he will present his entry in the category, where he got more points.
2. Until October 5 aquarist selected for thefinals should confirm or deny their participation in the finals. Participants of the contest, selected for the finals from the other cities and countries will be paid for their accommodation and € 200 for their travel.
3. Until Novemer 1 each finalist should send to the organizing committee of the Contest title and description of chosen biotope, list of plants and fishes, and photo of natural biotope chosen for the finals to fill special information table for their aquarium.
4. November 26 to 29 in St. Petersburg during ZooSphere exhibition the finals of the Contest will be held. 
5. In the finals of the Contest each participant on a special site will be provided with an aquarium, all the necessary equipment, decor, plants and fishes for setting up a biotope aquarium.
6. Setting up of the aquaria will take place November 26 to 28. The exhibition guests and members of the jury voting will take place November 28 to 29. Awarding of the winners with gift cerificates will take place November 29.
Good luck!