Criteria for evaluating entries

1. Composition and quality of the animals and fish (1 to 20 points)
Fish, invertebrates, plants used in the aquarium meet the specified category and biotope. Their quantity is right and they can live together. The inhabitants of the aquarium look healthy.
2. Decorations (1 to 20 points)
Decor in the aquarium looks as close as possible to stones, driftwood, soil and other natural elements in the biotope.
3. Biotope aquarium setup (1 to 20 points)
Aquarium space is used effectively. Decor elements and plants are placed according to the biotope. E.g.: plants are planted in groups as they grow in nature. Stones are placed like in nature, of different size etc.
4. Biotope aquarium beauty (1 to 20 points)
The composition in the aquarium is balanced. The natural beauty of the biotope represented successfully. The accents are placed properly.
5. General impression (1 to 20 points)
The aquarium looks good. The walls of the aquarium are free of dirt and algae. The picture of the aquarium is taken very well and the aquarium looks like a nature biotope.