Judging criteria and guidelines

Voting of members of jury will be held from October 1 till October 14.

Voting of aquarists to identify the winner of People's Choice Award will be held from October 1 till October 14 on our website.

The composition is well balanced. Decorations and aquatic organisms are properly selected, look harmoniously with each other and make an impression of well balanced picture. The ratio of volumes, light and shadow, color spots, etc. is correct.
New successful ideas and techniques in the designing of a planted aquarium are used. The selection and arrangement of decorations, plants, fish and invertebrates is ingenious.
Aquarium looks clean. Algae and mud are hardly to see. The plants are carefully trimmed. Fish, invertebrates and plants look healthy and have the correct color.
Aquatic organisms - fish , invertebrates and plants - are selected in the right amounts and combinations. Materials selected for the aquarium do not affect the chemical and physical properties of water and aquatic life activity.
Photo quality
The picture is clear, with no visible defects. It is taken using special techniques: waves, reflections, etc. Equipment inside the aquarium does not bother and if necessary is removed during a photo shoot.
General impression
Personal evaluation of each member of jury determined by the overall aesthetic impression of aquascape as a work of art.