Members of jury


Sergey Kochetov (Russia)

Author of articles and books on aquaristic. Professional diver, visited more than 30 countries around the world, where he spoke at conferences and participated in various international projects on aquaristic. Member of the jury of the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. Member of the editorial board of the American Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Magazine.

Jurijs Jutjajevs (Latvia)

Director of the international internet portal AqiascapingWorld. Professional aquascaper and partner of leading companies in the aquarium industry. Founder and managing director of Aquascaping Company. Well known from numerous show tanks and workshops at aquarium fairs. Author of the Aquascape column in the Aquaristik Fachmagazin.

Pawel Szewczak (Poland)

The owner of aquarium Store "Atoll-Zoo" in Warsaw. Co-author of Freshawater shrimp book, "KREWETKI SŁODKOWODNE" and contributor of "Nasze Akwarium". A member of the judging panel of Internatinal Aquatic Plants Layout Contest and Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest.

Olga Baranovska (Ukraine)

Professional aquarium designer, biologist, member of the editorial board of Ukrainian aquarium magazine "Just Aquarium", the head of the Ukrainian Association of Aquarists DAK, IAPLC 2005 prize winner (17th place), silver prize in IAPLC 2006. She works in organization of exclusive aquatic systems. Head of the "Graceful Aquaristic Studio".

František Kolín (Czech Republic)

Сhief editor of Czech aquarium magazine "Akvarium Zive". President of Czechoslovakia Nature Aquarium Club. Organizer of special events in Prague, Skalare Championship and Aqua Festival. IAPLC member of jury.

Balázs Farkas (Hungary)

Aquascaper. Co-Founder and Managing Director of ADA Hungary - Green Aqua. Co-Founder and Judge of the Hungarian Aquascaping Contest. His winning aquascapes ranked #46 in 2013 and #64 in 2011 on the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest (IAPLC). He is also published in interviews and reports of the Practical Fishkeeping Magazine (UK), Aqua Journal (Japan), etc. Former televison director and Hungarian Film Academy graduate.

Alex Veres (Romania)

Professional aquascaper at Maidenhead Aquatics UK&Ireland, environmental specialist and administrator of the website He graduated Ecology University Bucharest and studied biology and sustainable development at Venice International University. He published several interviews and was jury member of the Romanian Aquascaping Contest 2007 and International Balkan Aquascaping Contest IBAC 2012.

Bosko Jovanovic (Serbia)

Administrator of the website Mojbiljniakvarijum (MBA), which is dedicated to aquatic plants. Former Secretary General of the Serbian Aquaristic Society. He studied biophysics at the Moscow State Lomonosov University. As a scientist he worked at Belgrade University, The Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, Life and Environmental Sciences departments. Aquaristics and aquascaping is his hobby.

Mustafa Erdoğar (Turkey)

Founder member and organiser of the world famous aquascaping group ADist (Aquarium Design Istanbul). Author and Broadcasting Council member of the Turkey's unique aquarium magazine "akvaryumPLUS". Author of several articles about planted aquariums and aquascaping in Turkish. Participant of IAPLC 2011 (29th place) and 2012 (97th place), AGA 2011 (1st place) and AGA 2012 (Honorable Mention).