Scaper's Tank Contest 2014

We invite aquarists from Europe to take part in the 2nd stage of Scaper's Tank Contest 2014

2nd stage. Autumn

The 2nd stage of the Contest is for aquarists from Europe having DENNERLE Scaper's Tank Complete 50l + winners of the 1st stage who got DENNERLE Scaper's Tank Complete 50l.

  • Aquarium: DENNERLE Scaper's Tank Complete
  • Region: Europe (total ranking)
  • Accepting entries: September 1 - October 31
  • Voting: November 5 - 15
  • Results: December 1
  • Prize pool: 3,000 Euro

1st stage. Spring

The 1st stage of the Contest is for European aquarists with any aquaria up to 50l. Europe is divided into four zones: North, West, South, East. There will be a separate ranking in every zone. For the first voting the Commission will select 25 best aquaria from every zone. It will be 100 aquaria. Professional members of jury will select 10 aquaria from 25 aquaria from every zone. It will be 40 winners. These aquarists will get DENNERLE Scaper's Tank Complete 50l to set up for the 2nd stage of the Contest. It is obligatory.

  • Aquarium: any up to 50l
  • Region: Northern, Western, Southern, Eastern Europe
  • Accepting entries: March 1 - April 30
  • 1st voting TOP 100: May 2 - 8
  • 2nd voting TOP 40: May 10 - 20
  • Results: May 25
  • Pizes: DENNERLE Scaper's Tank Complete, 40 items

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