Members of jury of Scaper's Tank Contest 2014

Cyrille Moresve (France)

Aquarium designer. Participant of aquarium design contests. Chempion of France in fishkeeping three times (2011, 2012, 2013). 4th place in nanoaquarium category in GAPLC 2013.

Chris Lukhaup (Germany)

Traveller, popular photographer and specialist in aquarium invertebrates. Author of numerous books and articles on freshwater shrimps.

Oliver Knott (Germany)

Known aquarist, gives master classes on aquarium design. Winner and member of AGA Aquascaping Contest, IAPLC, Nano Aquarium Contest in Hanover.

Stefan Walter (Germany) 

Traveller, observer and member of the jury of numerous aquarium design contests worldwide. Special Projects Director at DENNERLE GmbH.

Stefan Hummel (Germany) 

Traveller, discoverer of new species of water plants. Specialist in aquatic plants at DENNERLE. Researcher and biologist. Author of books on aquarium plants.

Dimitris Ioannou (Greece)

Moderator of the Greek Aquarist's Board, the biggest aquarium forum in Greece and Cyprus, specialized in biotope aquariums. The 1st and the 2nd place winner in the 1st International Biotope Aquarium Contest by Heiko Bleher in Athens 2012. Participant of all local contests. Keeper and breeder of rainbowfishes.

Balázs Farkas (Hungary)

Aquascaper. Co-Founder and Managing Director of ADA Hungary - Green Aqua. Co-Founder and Judge of the Hungarian Aquascaping Contest. His winning aquascapes ranked #46 in 2013 and #64 in 2011 on the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest (IAPLC). He is also published in interviews and reports of the Practical Fishkeeping Magazine (UK), Aqua Journal (Japan), etc.

Diego Marinelli (Italy)

Aquarium designer. Participant of international aquarium desighn contests. 9th place in IAPLC 2012. 2nd place in ROAPLC 2012.

Sergiusz Kowalew (Poland) 

Aquarium designer. Member of several regional and international aquatic contests. 65th place in the IAPLC 2011. Jury member of several aquarium contests.

Alex Veres (Romania)

Professional aquascaper at Maidenhead Aquatics UK&Ireland, environmental specialist and administrator of the website Jury member of the Romanian Aquascaping Contest 2007 and International Balkan Aquascaping Contest IBAC 2012 and Eastern European Planted Aquarium Design Contest 2013.

Sergei Kochetov (Russia) 

Author of articles and books on aquaristic. Professional diver, visited more than 30 countries, where spoke at conferences and participated in various international projects on aquaristic. Member of jury of the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. Member of the editorial board of the American Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Magazine.

Albert Escrihuela Cáceres (Spain)

Aquascaper. Proffesional since 2009. Owner of the aquascaping shop at Valencia, Spain. Twice on top 100 of IAPLC (2013, 2011). Real enthusiast of this field. Participant of many international contests: AGA, AAC, ROAPLC, IAPLC, etc.

Kim Pulkki (Sweden)

Aquascaper and photographer. Aquarist since 1982 and started with planted tanks 2008. Participant of IAPLC: rank #54 in 2012 and #63 in 2013.

Serkan Çetinkol (Turkey) 

Aquarium designer. Participant of international aquarium design contests. 17th place in IAPLC 2013. 1st palce in Eastern European Planted Aquarium Design Contest 2013. Member of the aquascaping studio ADist in Istanbul.

Alexander Grebeniuk (Ukraine) 

Aquarium designer. Participant of the international aquarium design contests since 2004. Five-time winner of the "Winning Works" certificate in IAPLC (Japan). Golden Prize winner in the CIS Planted Aquarium Design Contest 2010 (Moscow, Russia). Winner of the open Aqua Art Contest 2008 (Belarus). Participant of several master classes in aquarium design. Jury member of Ukrainian aquarium design contests. Author of articles on aquarium plants for AQUATERRA magazine (Ukraine).