Setting up Scaper's Tank

Guide to setting up DENNERLE Scaper's Tank
Hardscape - the basis of an aquarium layout
A layout featuring only stones is referred to as "iwagumi" and originates from Japan. No driftwood are used here. The focus is on a harmonious arrangement of stones. The bottom has been built up using DeponitMix nutrient medium for plants and Nano Shrimps Gravel Bed. An uneven number of stones is important for a perfect layout. The dominant main stone is positioned on the right, with the second largest stone facing in a different direction. Smaller stones bring natural effect and simplicity to this hardscape. Flat growing small plants can be used to retain the dominance of the stone layout.
This layout begins on the left side. DeponitMix nutrient medium and Nano Shrimps Gravel Bed have been built up very high on the left side. A decorative driftwood is the dominant feature of the layout. Small stones support the natural appearance. Taller growing plants will be planted in the the rear right corner at the later stage. Flat growing varieties are used in the driftwood area. Eventually the driftwood should appear to be interlaced with the other elements of the aquascape, like roots of an old tree.
The layout features a harmonious combination of stones and driftwood. The bottom is made up of DeponitMix, Nano Shrimps Gravel Bed and beige coloured decorative sand. The stone and driftwood structure rises in both corners and is interrupted by a "gorge". For a harmonious effect, the ratio between the two stones and driftwood groups should be 3:2. In this example we have used variegated sandstones from Palatinate Forest in combination with two driftwood varieties. The small branches of the driftwood strengthen the special atmosphere of this hardscape.
Layout examples:
Set up procedure:
Put in nutrient medium and gravel. Arrange decorative stones and driftwood (not included in scope of delivery)
Add gravel and decorative sand. Plant the foreground
Plant the middle part. Moisten plants in the meantime
Plant the background plants. Cover your layout with paper towels. Moisten these towels
Carefully fill your aquarium with water. Install and plug in your technical equipment (filter, lights)
Scaped by Volker Jochum
The 2012 Art of Planted Aquarium Winner